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From Barcelona we work to offer you an urban and electric bicycle with which you can take care of your city and your environment. Its avant-garde design and innovative materials break with traditional stereotypes while combating climate change.

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For those who are concerned about the environment and want to adopt sustainable mobility solutions without sacrificing comfort and practicality in their daily lives. At OOHBIKE® we work tirelessly to offer you an alternative with the latest raw materials, technology and innovation.

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To expand and improve the existing offer of sustainable mobility solutions and make them more attractive and accessible to everyone. We offer you a new way of understanding urban mobility in cities, focusing on actively and passively cleaning the air we breathe.

Our philosophy

We want to purify the air in our cities

Thanks to the finishes of the bike, while you ride effortlessly with your OOHBIKE®, you are eliminating NOx, CO2, germs and 99% of particles in suspension present in the environment around you, almost without noticing it! In this way you counteract the polluting impact of those who continue to use means of transport with high carbon content.

We want to mitigate climate change

The choice of our raw materials and the production process of an OOHBIKE® follow a sustainable and low-emission model. The life cycle of our bicycles is based on circular economy and zero waste.

We want to promote sustainable mobility

We are committed to creating cleaner, healthier and more livable cities by progressively replacing polluting vehicles in urban traffic with a new generation of electric and environmentally friendly bicycles.

We are committed to innovation and design

If all this was not enough for you, we present a bike with a groundbreaking design and features resulting from the latest innovation in engineering that make it unique and different from all others.

Advantages of owning an Oohbike

The urban e-bike you were waiting for

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