Oohbike: The urban electric bike with an unique design

Designed to break stereotypes

The OOHBIKE has been designed to be different, non-conformist, exclusive and groundbreaking. Handcrafted in Barcelona, it is not just another urban bike. Its unique design, with the hubless front wheel, has won the main national and international design awards.

Forget about stains and punctures

No more inflating tires and repairing punctures. OOHBIKE is one of the first autonomous and low maintenance urban bikes thanks to its solid, unbreakable Tannus tires. Always ready to go wherever you go. Get ready without fear, on an OOHBIKE you will never get your clothes dirty because its chain does not use grease. No more socks over your pants.

Urban, practical and electric bicycle

Its innovative design gives you the practicality you need at any time, helping you in all your journeys thanks to its long-lasting electric battery. Perfect for the city, OOHBIKE is lightweight and easy to use regardless of your cycling experience.

Sustainable local production

OOHBIKE has the environment as a priority and therefore our manufacturing process follows a sustainable and low-emission model. The life cycle of our bicycles is based on circular economy and responsible waste management.

Locally created, internationally awarded

OOHBIKE was born in Barcelona with the aim of promoting clean and healthy cities by replacing polluting vehicles in urban traffic with new generation electric bicycles with a transgressive design that has been appreciated beyond our borders.


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Choose your design, customize your OOHBIKE

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